Dak Prescott Spends Some Offseason Down Time Getting Lit At A Louisiana Pool Party


Mandatory minicamps have ended across the NFL and that means this is the perfect window for players to blow off some steam before they head off the training camp in late-July. They get about a month in the middle of the summer to basically do whatever they want without any responsibilities. Why do you think we always see a lot of players getting in trouble around this time every year?
Now, am I implying that Dak Prescott is doing anything that will get him in trouble? Absolutely not. But what I am saying is that he’s taking advantage of this time to party his balls off. First stop, this lit pool party in Shreveport, LA.

Dak hopping in the DJ booth


Just your basic afternoon twerk contest

Take a scroll through these videos for some poolside twerk action.


Really embracing the lifestyle of a Cowboys quarterback.

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Jim Irsay Seemed A Little Thirsty Last Night On Twitter
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