Jay Williams Says Phil Jackson Was Falling Asleep During a Top-15 Pick’s Workout


It’s official: BC HQ is all-in on Phil Jackson destroying the New York Knicks. Sure it sucks for Knicks fans who desperately want to keep Kristaps Porzingis, but for everyone else who doesn’t give a damn, old-man Phil and his triangle offense are an absolute gift.

Jay Williams added on to the amazing Zen Master content today when he went on “Outside the Lines” and said that Phil couldn’t even stay awake for a top-15 draft pick’s workout:

Do we care about this unverified claim? Hell no. All we know is that Stephen A. Smith is somewhere fuming ready to release yet another fire take.

Our shortlist of prospects that Phil potentially dozed on:

Dennis Smith Jr.
Zach Collins (probably)
Frank Ntilikina
Malik Monk
Lauri Markkanen

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