Ohio Woman Hits Daughter's Boyfriend With Cue Ball In A Sock After He Hit Her With Charcoal Grill

You see the smile on Regina Williams’s face? That’s the smile of a woman who knows how to drop a man with a cue ball and a sock. I have no idea where Regina got a cue ball in the hood, but she found one and figured there was one way to end an argument with her daughter’s boyfriend.
He caught an L via that cue ball. I’m trying to think of a non-weapon weapon that would hurt like a cue ball to the head would hurt. Lucky it didn’t kill him.
“What are you in for?”
“I killed some mufuccaka with a cue ball.” That would end the conversation. Nobody would mess with you in the pen because it shows ingenuity.
From Cleveland.com:

A Cleveland woman accused of hitting a man over the head with a cue ball said she attacked him to protect her pregnant daughter, police say.

Williams and her daughter, who is 8 months pregnant, got into an argument with the daughter’s 22-year-old boyfriend, the report says. Williams told police that the boyfriend ripped off her screen door and struck her with a small charcoal grill, the report says.

As he headed outside, Williams struck the boyfriend over the head with an object in a sock, according to his statement to police. Williams later admitted the item was a cue ball, the report says.

Damn right she admitted it was a cue ball. She probably told them to print that in the papers. That’s something you take pride in. If he’s going to hit you with a small charcoal grill the least you can do is return a cue ball over his head.
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This all brings to mind one of the greatest fight scenes in cinematic history. Seagal. Cueball. Sock. Party time.


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