Does This Look Like A Guy Who Would Whip Out His Dong To Show A Lifeguard?

It’s pool season in New York! That means you get creepers like Wilson Kenney flopping out his dong (allegedly) for a lifeguard to take a look at. Add in the balding mugshot and you have a viral sensation. Here’s the thing I find incredibly mindblowing: Wilson Kenney doesn’t seem to have a social media trail.

Something is not right here. It’s almost impossible for someone like Wilson Kenney to not have a social trail. And by now there would be pics out there.

From the NY Post:

Wilson Kenney, 33, of Springfield Gardens was sitting on a bench at the Forest City Park Pool facility in Wantagh on Sunday around 4:50 p.m. when he began to rub his groin area and exposed himself to the 17-year-old lifeguard, cops said.

Is he living as a woman, wearing a wig and suddenly felt the urge to flop it out? My god I have so many questions here.

Someone out there knows the real Wilson Kenney. What’s going on with this guy? Why hasn’t he just shaved the head? Let us know.