Hey Ladies, Paulina Gretzky Had A Baby A Week Ago & Wants You To See Something

How ruthless is Paulina Gretzky? She’s ruthless enough on IG to post a “Hey, my body snapped the fucc back after having that 2nd kid,” story just to rub it in the faces of all those ladies out there struggling to lose like 35 pounds added during their pregnancy where things got out of hand via bonging some organic ice cream with 2000 calories per scoop.

Not Paulina. Her ass is officially back and Dustin Johnson will be showing it all off here pretty soon. Maybe at the British in mid-July.

As for this new kid who will eventually become a prodigy when I’m old and out of this game… his name is River Jones Johnson. He’ll probably win Academy Awards, a U.S. Open and an ESPY Lifetime Achievement Award. Save this post in case I call it.