Will Florida State’s Alyson Lewis Be The Next Great Sideline Reporter?

You know what sports is missing? A hot sideline reporter. I’m just going to say it without the least bit of shame. And Alyson Lewis from Florida State could be part of the next wave of hot sideline reporters that’s eventually coming back to sports once all the snowflakes settle down about hot chicks working games.

Let’s take a look at Alyson’s credentials:

• Simple name

• Hot

• Has a Seminoles baseball boyfriend…obviously knows the game

• Goes to Florida State…obviously knows football

• Red Sox fan…that’ll help with ESPN execs

• Packers fan…that’ll help with Fox execs because if you’re a hot sideline reporter at Fox, you’re going to Green Bay in December

• Really likes dogs…that’ll help with the Twitter cool crowd she’ll eventually have to get chummy with

That should cover it. I’ve been at this game a long long time and have watched sideline reporters go from being discovered on BC to careers from ESPN to regional Fox affiliates. Alyson’s on the trajectory.

Alyson’s estimated arrival at a Fox affiliate: early 2019.

Florida State baseball boyfriend’s playing in the College World Series