Ohio Man Bank Robber Arrested While Driving Florida Man Bank Robber's Car, Both Go To Jail

A couple of you sent me the photo of Ohio Man bank robber Emil Bayus last week or so when northern Ohio cops were looking for him in connection with a bank robbery back on June 2. Turns out ol Emil did what many fugitives do after scoring $2k in a robbery…he headed for Florida and somehow hooked up with another weirdo named Louis Cillo.
One thing led to another and Emil Bayus was driving Cillo’s car after he pulled a bank robbery. I know, this is getting weird.
From WEAR-Pensacola:

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Cillo early Sunday and according to detective Chad Willhite of the Pensacola Police Department, authorities in Santa Rosa County were able to track him down in the 7900 block of Old Hickory Hammock Road.

Around 1 p.m. Saturday, an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputy stopped a vehicle that matched the description of the one utilized in the bank robbery near the Walmart on Highway 29.

Police say that blue Chevy Equinox was driven by Emil Bayus, 54, of Lorain, Ohio. Bayus was wanted for an armed bank robbery that happened on June 2 in Ohio, according to police.
Two female passengers were in the vehicle with Bayus, but detectives determined they were not involved in either incident and released them after questioning Saturday evening.

So strange to get an Ohio Man & Florida Man teaming up. I have so many questions here. How does Emil know Louis? Crime family? Found each other on some secret bank robbery message board? Were the chicks hookers? How did Emil’s nose get to that level of odd? Did Cillo rat out Bayus to save himself from a longer sentence?
Now I’m all-in on this story. At first I ignored Bayus when he pulled the Ohio robbery, but that all changes now that we have the Ohio/Florida combo. Need a big time journalist to dig into this one.

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