The Atlanta Braves 'Freeze' Finally Lost A Race

Since last Friday, The Freeze at Braves games has gone from a fun little stunt in between innings, to a full blown viral sensation. When a kid got cocky and ate a face full of dirt before getting blown away in front of 41,000 people, The Freeze became a legend. He was doing SportsCenter hits, he had everyone blogging about him, he was becoming a star.

Until he finally met his match last night.

Happens to the best of ’em. Viral sensations come and go like the wind. Luckily, he never had some baggage come out like how he used to be in prison or was into some weird porn. That seems to always happen with these people. He was just a regular dude who was fast a shit and liked to embarrass fans.
It’s not fun┬áseeing┬áhim lose, so let’s get another winning streak going.


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Watch: Outfield Wall Defeats Byron Buxton
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