Braves Fan Gets Smoked In A Promo Race Between Innings, Face Plants Before The Finish Line


Without a doubt, this is the funniest thing you’re going to see at a baseball game this weekend. A Braves fan got a little too cocky while doing a “Beat The Freeze” promotional race in between innings last night.

He gets a massive head start, looks like he’s going to dominate the race, The Freeze turns on the afterburners and smokes him, the Braves fan then gets way too cocky and starts whooping up the crowd, and next thing you know he’s got a face full of dirt.

this is the funniest thing that will happen at a sporting event this year

— Joon Lee (@iamjoonlee) June 10, 2017

Ron Darling giving him the business makes it that much better. “Oh, it’s where he belongs, right in the dirt”.

Maybe my new favorite gif of 2017

 fan race atlanta braves GIF

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