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The public isn’t scared to bet on Conor McGregor

Do I think McGregor is going to beat Mayweather on August 26th? No, but way too many people out here are giving him literally zero chance. No, he’s not a great boxer and yes, he’s going to have a lot of trouble touching Floyd. BUT (and it’s a giant but) if he catches Floyd, he’s going down. Now the chances of that happening are very low, but that’s not stopping people from throwing money down on Conor just in case. From the LV Review Journal: Money has already come in on the inexperienced underdog. The Westgate Las Vegas sports book opened Mayweather as a minus-2500 favorite in February with McGregor bettors fetching a plus-1100 return on their investment. A sampling of oddsmakers indicates the true line for the fight should have Mayweather as an even bigger favorite. It’s difficult to post such a number, however, because all of the underdog action would leave a sports book exposed too much to a fluke result. According to Westgate sports book manager Jeff Sherman, steady support for McGregor at the opening number as it was drove the price as low as minus-800, with McGregor at plus-550.

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