Cavs Fans Dealt With The Finals Loss By Watching A Ton Of Porn

I’m not breaking any new ground here, but I always get a kick out these stats from Pornhub after big sporting events. Over the years we’ve seen a steady theme from the cities that lose championships. Immediately after their team loses, they deal with the loss by watching some porn. Those are just facts, people.
Pornhub has been collecting this data for years and that fact never fails. So, of course, this year was no different. Immediately following the end of Game 5 on Monday, traffic to Pornhub in Cleveland jumped up 28%.
Details via Pornhub:

On June 12, 2017 the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers with a final score of 129 to 120. When the game began at 9pm Eastern Time, traffic to Pornhub was down -15% in the San Francisco Bay Area, and -17% in the Cleveland area, when compared to an average Monday. Across the United States, traffic was down -8%.
Towards the end of the game, it seems that Cleveland residents had given up, with traffic down only -6%, while San Francisco stayed -21% below average as they waited to see their team win. After the game, traffic in San Francisco returned to normal, but folks in Cleveland looking to cheer themselves up after their team’s loss caused a +28% surge in Pornhub traffic between Midnight and 1am.

And just like how the losing team’s porn traffic spikes, the winner’s dips. No need for it when your team just got another ring. All Warriors fans needed to watch to get their rocks off was that post-game celebration.

Last year was a totally different story in Cleveland

Oh, how things change.


The Warriors Left The Parade And Went Straight To Vegas Last Night
The Warriors Left The Parade And Went Straight To Vegas Last Night
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