Looks Like LeBron Has Gotten Over The Finals Loss

Does that look like the face of a man worried about his 5th Finals loss? Does it look like a guy who officially will never win the Jordan debate now? I gotta tell you, LeBron, you’re playing right into the haters’ hands with this one. People don’t want to see you happy right now, especially on the Warriors parade day. People want to see you devastated,┬ánot in the gym hamming up for the Gram.
Now everyone is going to spin this into how LeBron doesn’t care about winning again. He didn’t want the ball at the end of Game 3 and now he’s rapping on IG 3 days after he lost another Finals. He should’ve just taken some time off, but now Skip Bayless is going to get a week of content just out of that video.
Side note: It’s about time he went with the bald look. Only 10 years too late.

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Back at it! #striveforgreatness­čÜÇ

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