Natty Light: 1 Olli Maatta: 0

I think we all have been at Olli Maatta's level before

— Kenzy (@kkenzy12) June 14, 2017

Olli Maatta went to war with Natty Light today during the Penguins Stanley Cup victory parade and…from what I can see…the Natty won the day. But you have to cut Olli some slack here. It’s not like the guy has slept in days. Been there, Olli. You start slamming Natty in the morning, it starts to get hot so you start slamming more Natty and before you know it you’re a case deep and need a nap.

It’s a workout.

Olli’s just 22. Has two Cups in his pocket. Time to go balls to the walls. Apparently, from what the locals are saying, it helps that he has a guy like Justin Schultz as his wingman. These two might get me to care about the Penguins party scene the rest of the week.

What happens when you mix Olli Maatta and natty light…

— Meesh (@HockeyMeesh) June 14, 2017

via Shelby

Chug! Chug! Chug!
(Yep, that’s Olli Maatta during the #StanleyCup#PensParade)

— The Incline (@theinclinepgh) June 14, 2017

Olli Maatta is an infant and Justin Schultz is a bad influence and I fucking love it

— Sam (@sammitysam__) June 14, 2017