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I had no idea there were only two Sigma Derby gambling machines left in Vegas

You know the game — it’s the old gambling game where you bet on horses and then the toy horses race around a track on a casino floor. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is out with a fun story about how there are only two of the games left in Vegas — at The D & the MGM Grand. You can still slam quarters into Sigma Derby, slam beers and go nuts like you’re about to hit the Powerball. There’s something about old elements of Vegas that I miss. I miss the dealers and their clickers at Binion’s when you needed a cocktail waitress. That place would get you rocked so fast. Why not bring back a block of old coin slots, like a #tbt for the soon to be Gen Xers who experienced that life on their first Vegas visit. How about we also go back to free drinks at the bar for throwing in a $20 and milking that $20 for at least 2-3 drinks before cashing out a $17.50 ticket and a quick buzz.

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