Michael Wilbon Enjoying Pebble Beach, Chesney With Urbs, Kirk & Jeremy Shockey’s Dog Might Drink

Stanley Cup is finished and the NBA Finals ends tonight with the Warriors celebrating at home

The dog days of summer can officially get started after KD raises the trophy tonight at like midnight EST. Then we have like 6 weeks until NFL training camps open and then it becomes my yearly hell of six months of no time off. You hear that silence from the NHL? That’s the silence you hear when the Penguins win again. Boring. We need a city like Nashville to win it one of these days to rival the Royals winning a World Series as far as victory parades go. Nashville would’ve been that city.

Numbers from :

Matt Murray: 4th goalie to close out Stanley Cup Final with shutouts in consecutive games – first since Terry Sawchuk in 1952 (@EliasSports)

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) June 12, 2017

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@bustedcoverage ran into Johnny Golf Ball on the gulf coast. pic.twitter.com/EIHarb9qD4

— Brian Vailes (@bkvailes) June 11, 2017

Welcome Kenny Chesney and Kirk Herbstreit to The Shoe! pic.twitter.com/BSbgUrc2x8

— Urban Meyer (@OSUCoachMeyer) June 12, 2017

@bustedcoverage wtf is this you cant have the mullet and the bangs pic.twitter.com/kNS5LsYMQN

— Kenny (@GoBucksKenny) June 11, 2017

Krystal is ready for game 6 @bustedcoverage @penguins pic.twitter.com/L5cVcg66RA

— SCOTT (@SOBYRNE99) June 11, 2017

@bustedcoverage did @WakondaClub forget to water the tee boxes for the Champions tour? pic.twitter.com/0eabh00GxE

— lanaevoli (@lana_evoli) June 10, 2017


Well I’ll be damned.
Looky here @bustedcoverage
Johnny Bench is still hittin’ that beer pong.#HOF pic.twitter.com/mXrcEpbO6C

— GeeGee (@LSUGeeGee) June 11, 2017

@bustedcoverage Didn't expect to see L.T. delivering dairy products in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia 🇬🇪 pic.twitter.com/DbOnzAKzJq

— Ryan Nickum (@ryannickum) June 10, 2017