21 NSFWBDs React To David West-Tristan Thompson Kiss & How Khloe Tastes

Ahh, the Finals were soooo compelling. Actually, the Finals weren’t compelling. The Cavs got their token home victory, a victory that I saw someone describe as a night Cleveland won’t soon forget. I saw that over Twitter on Saturday and it took all of my power to not waste a weekend day going off over such a statement.

Look, the biggest story of the Finals was David West and Tristan Thompson kissing. Sure, there’s the whole KD ring chasing theme and how LeBron’s going to go out and find a new piece to compete with the Warriors. And you have Bron averaging the triple-double or whatever it was. Uh, he should average a triple-double.

Anyway, the BDs — as you’d expect — lit up over the West-Tristan moment. Add in Khloe and you have a great edition of NSFWBDs.

When you start thinking of all the places Khloe’s mouth has been you have to start praying for David West pic.twitter.com/bKmCtxFD9r

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) June 13, 2017