11 NSFWBDs React To Mr. Met’s Middle (I Know, He Only Has 4) Finger Madness


I know what you’re thinking right now: “Hey BC, why would you do a NSFWBD post where there are only 11 tweets from the NSFWBDs?” Do you have any idea how rare it is for the NSFWBDs to react to anything baseball related? This might be the only baseball BDs post you see all season. No joke.

This is also a huge coup for baseball. We’re hours away from the NBA Finals and here we are with a NSFWBDs baseball post. Unchartered water. Rare. Like pulling a PSA 10 Griffey Jr. ’89 UD back in the day.

So we’re going to celebrate this one and thank Mr. Met for making it all happen last night.

I had to put some Limp Bizkit to Mr. Met because he was clearly having one of those days

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