Fan At Camden Yards Was Caught Sending Some Downright Dirty Sexts

There’s a lesson to be learned here from this fan at Camden Yards who was caught doing a little sexting in the bleachers. You always have to have your head on a swivel if you want to get dirty in public. There’s nothing wrong with getting your 50 Shades Of Grey on, but you have to make sure that phone is out of the public view. If not, everybody is going to know you’re sitting there watching baseball with a woody tucked into your waistband.

This guy didn’t follow that one simple rule and it got him and his woody aired out on Twitter for the world to see.

Or you could just go full Bills Mafia and not give a shit what people think. There’s always that option.

Here’s the transcript of the naughty texts

Very horrible

Are you excited to be inside me in 12 hours?

Are u kidding me u have no idea…I’m the only guy in Camden Yards with a woody

Perfect example from 2015 of why you keep the phone out of sight


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