Bayern Munich Wins The Bundesliga Title & The Players Poured Beer On Everyone


Ganz schön fies, @ArjenRobben! 😃😃😃 #Mia5anMia

— FC Bayern München (@FCBayern) May 20, 2017

Yep, this is pretty much exactly how I expected Germans to celebrate winning a championship. Bayern Munich won their 5th straight Bundesliga championship today and while I don’t know jack shit about that team or really soccer in general, I can down with these types of celebrations.

😂😂😂 @ArjenRobben @MrAncelotti @FCBayernEN

— はーぐさん (@hargreeeeaves) May 20, 2017

Eu hoje no open bar

— Aspas Futebol (@AspasFutebol) May 20, 2017

In America, we spray champagne everywhere when we win a title, in Germany they fill up giant beer steins and dump them on each other. Makes sense.

The main culprit was #10, Arjen Robben. My man wasn’t going to stop until everybody in that stadium was dowsed in Paulaner.

The full video is fantastic

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