John McCain's Confusing Questions To James Comey Can Be Blamed On The Arizona Diamondbacks

We rarely do politics on here and when we do, it always has some angle bringing it back into the sports world. This is no different. I’m┬ánot going to breakdown #ComeyDay and get into the what happened this morning at the Senate Hearing.
But what I will do is show you John McCain’s excuse for his bizarro world questioning of James Comey. My man was making quite literally, zero sense when questioning the former FBI director. That led to this:

So what’s McCain’s reasoning for his incoherent questions? He stayed up late to watch the Diamondbacks, of course.

Now it all makes sense. He’s an old man and old men need to hit the hay early. You start losing those precious hours of sleep and next thing you know you’re mumbling nonsense in front of the whole country.

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