Cavs Fan Fatboy SSE Was Pretty Confident Last Night….Annnndddd Then The Cavs Lost
I’ve never heard of this guy Fatboy SSE, but he has over 2 million Instagram followers, is a Cavs fan and can pump out a very nice NSFW reaction video. BOOOM – instant follow.
Fatboy was feeling pretty good last night — probably when the Cavs had a seven or so point lead — before eventually watching LeBron disappear with two minutes to go and the Warriors drop 11 to win it going away. That’s the problem with making a reaction video before the game is over, but that’s why I’m loving Fatboy.
He just puts his emotions out there. Let’s ’em fly.
And then shows up when his team loses.
Had a guy on Twitter today ask how so many people can have jobs that don’t seem to be jobs at all. Fatboy’s a great example. It doesn’t look like he’s doing anything and then a brand will drop thousands for Fatboy to do an IG. BOOM – cash. Just have to have the ‘it’ factor. Find a hook, ride it as long as you can, make as much money as possible.

Fatboy’s going to get a show…just watch:

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