Seller: Buy Johnny Manziel’s College Car…A 2010 Mercedes C 63 AMG

Are you in college? Want to live like College Johnny Football? A guy on Twitter, Glen, claims he owns unemployed NFL QB Johnny’s college Mercedes and would like to get rid of the 2010 C 63 AMG. One thing led to another and he sent me the listing.

Are you a college bro looking to shoot your shot this fall during CFB season? Tell your parents to buy this for you maintaining a 2.0. College girls are going to go nuts when you tell them to take a ride in Johnny’s old car. Panty dropper line.

From the seller:

Get it! $24,000 and it’s all yours. This car is amazing and pretty! 92,000 miles and all service intervals completed at the dealership. Runs like a beast and purrs like a kitten! Originally Black but had a 3M Satin Grey Wrap put on about 3 months ago. Not sure if this is good or bad, but This was Johnny Manziel’s college car…The previous title was under his parents name. Take it off my handsso I can get one of those electric battery operated vehicles.

If this story checks out, this appears to be Johnny with the Mercedes back in 2013 during an ESPN segment. Just think if that car could talk. The stories. The ladies. The secrets. It could write a book and I’d read that book.