Rex & Rob Ryan Drank Margaritas & Kicked Some Ass In Nashville During Sunday Funday At Margaritaville

I tried to tell you guys that Nashville would be the perfect place for the Stanley Cup Finals and now Rex & Rob Ryan have proved that I’m right. You know it’s lit right now in Nashville. You see the games. You know Predators fans are fired up, ready to get wasted on a daily basis. It just happens that Rex lives in Nashville. You have to figure that Rob’s in town because it’s a great time to party in Nashville.

Chase some tail, drink some margaritas at Margaritaville, get into a bar fight.

Hug some ladies.

Shake some hands.

Pound a couple burgers. Maybe chips and salsa with the margaritas.

Shit always goes down after I leave

— David Tristan Flores (@Call_Me_DTF) June 5, 2017

Post-fight beers and burgers…

— regina (@xdregina) June 5, 2017