Did the Cavs Light Up After Getting Blasted in Game 2?

The burning question after the Cavaliers’ second consecutive blowout loss to the Warriors: Who broke out tree in the locker room?

For real. Mike Wise of ESPN’s Undefeated was in the Cavaliers locker room postgame Sunday night, and he apparently couldn’t help but notice a “reefer aroma”:

Cavs locker room has a strong reefer aroma to it tonight. Hey, it's Cali. You're down 2-0 and it's all about pain control. #NBAFinals

— Mike Wise (@MikeWiseguy) June 5, 2017

To be clear, I don't know who was imbibing marijuana in the Cavs locker room — media that entered, player, etc. But it wasn't a dead skunk

— Mike Wise (@MikeWiseguy) June 5, 2017

Don’t be a Twitter wise ass and question Mike; he’s from NorCal and knows what’s up:

I grew up in Northern California and Hawaii. I know what cannabis smells like. Coulda been a cameraman, reporter, whatever. I'm not judging.

— Mike Wise (@MikeWiseguy) June 5, 2017

Obviously everyone’s going to point the finger at JR Smith as the primary culprit, but don’t sleep on Iman Shumpert — dude was popped for marijuana possession last year:

A Very Iman Shumpert Mugshot pic.twitter.com/XCTaALplCQ

— Tom Petrini (@RealTomPetrini) September 9, 2016