Cleveland Ice Cream Stand Takes Multiple Shots At The Warriors Ahead Of The Finals


Usually, when these bars and restaurants try to get in on the trashing of the hometown team’s opponent, it can get real corny. They aren’t trying to ruffle any feathers, but they want to seem cool and go a little viral online. Take this for example:

But let me tell you what, this little ice cream shop outside of Cleveland isn’t pulling any punches. They are going after the Warriors and not only that but specific players, too.

I mean look at this shot they took at Draymond.

That’s ruthless for an ice cream shop. One second you’re asking for extra sprinkles and the next you’re reading a sign making fun of Draymond’s dick pics. And they aren’t done with Dray. They busted out a great nuts joke too.

I love this. If these establishments want to go viral, they need to be clever. No more lame Steve Harvey jokes and more of this.

Here’s what they did last year:

[IG – CP’s Cooler Homemade Ice Cream]

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