Buy This LSU Tailgate Pickup Truck — $5,000+ on eBay

via eBay

Protip: If you’re an LSU fan who’s been eyeing the Tigers themed 1954 Dodge truck above on Craigslist, do yourself a favor and buy the damn thing on eBay for $20,000 less.

via eBay

Apparently the owner of the truck is asking for $25K on CL, but recently created an eBay auction that starts at just $5K. No bids have been placed with four days remaining, so you’re probably golden if you really want this thing for the upcoming season.

Details from the eBay listing:

1954 Dodge Pickup Truck Official LSU Football staff collector, Live purple love gold. Just imagine tailgating at Death Valley or riding down St Charles Street in a Mardi gras parade. I paid an official body shop with a paint booth $7000 to completely restore with everlasting polyurethane purple and gold exterior of this collector picking up truck 5 years ago. The original wooden bed has rotted out, so Zigler replaced the bottom with metal. It has been parked under a carport since then. Your job will be to finish restoring the interior in all leather. Ole Betsy runs like Billy Cannon on Halloween Night with the slant 6 cylinder. She purrs like a tiger and drives like a champion. Betsy gets excellent gas mileage because she was raised before pollution control and she runs on regular gas. She has a slight leak in her gas tank. Her right rear hub has a wobble in it. Betsy does not have a windshield wiper motor or blades. Other than that, you will be a very rare proud owner.

Rotted bed, an interior that needs to be restored, “slight” gas leak, etc… you might want to ask for additional photos/information before taking the plunge.