Sooners Fan Gets Baker Mayfield Tattoo After The QB Retweeted Him


Is it a little weird to get a tattoo of the Oklahoma QB’s face on your leg? Yes, yes it is, but I still respect the hell out of this move. Mr. Brightside on Twitter said that if Baker Mayfield retweeted his tweet, he would go get his face permanently inked on his leg.

Baker retweeted the tweet and less than a week later, we have this:

It’s not uncommon for college die-hards to get their team tattooed on their body. I mean, how many Alabama tats have we’ve seen over the years? But I’m not sure we’ve ever seen someone get an actual player tattoo. I can only hope this starts a new trend.

Baker slid into the DM’sΒ to give his thoughts

And now people are having fun with it


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