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Jets DL Leonard Williams Forcibly Moves Teammate Darron Lee After He Apparently Harassed A Woman


The big story this morning making waves on Twitter are these videos that have come out from last night between Jets defensive players Leonard Williams and Darron Lee. The videos show Williams physically picking up Darron Lee and moving him away from a situation.

Now the question is, why exactly did this happen? Well, that answer lies in this thread.

It’s a long thread, but it explains the whole story

Now onto the videos:

So apparently Darron Lee was harassing a woman and Leonard Williams came in and shut everything down. Picked him up like a baby and removed him from the situation because he was acting like an asshole. Now obviously, we’re completely basing this story on this random guy’s Twitter thread. So more details can come out, things can turn out to be true or not true, but this is the story we have now.

For those questioning if that was actually Darron Lee

Jets source also confirms

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