Le’Veon Bell Gets Exposed By An IG Model After He Slid Into Her DMs


Man, these models just love putting athletes on blast when they try to shoot their shot don’t they? It was funny the first few times, but now it seems like these chicks know that if they out these guys, they’re going to go viral.

Le’Veon Bell is the latest victim of a DM slide gone bad. He tried to spit a little game to IG model Karen_Vi, and before he could even get a second message in there, she had already put him on blast on her story.




Also, I’m doing exactly what Karen_Vi wants me to do right now. If she accepts his DM like thousands of these chicks do with athletes, we never hear about her.

But if she does what she did, she gets websites to write about her. Smart move and I fell into the trap.

Let’s never forget the most infamous DM slide

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