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Not sure why you’d steal that from a Vegas sex shop

From the Las Vegas Sun: A representative of Stockholm, Sweden-based LELO Inc. said in a statement today that thieves were seen on security recordings taking items Friday night and Saturday morning from the warehouse in an industrial park not far from McCarran International Airport. Officer Laura Meltzer says detectives are following up on the burglary reports. The company posted YouTube video showing what it says were thieves taking two shipping boxes containing more than 30,000 condoms in the Friday break-in.

There’s a black market for condoms? Had no idea. And who is buying condoms on the black market? You’re telling me there are 17 year olds pulling up to a guy in a Chrysler 300 with tinted windows and asking for a 24-pack of rubbers? Maybe the thieves are taking these to convenience stores to sell, but that seems like a weird business plan. My guess is that the thieves are morons and stole the wrong boxes.

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