Taiwanese Animators Took It Up A Notch For Their NBA Finals Preview…LeBron Taking Dumps On Curry!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpBNlmqW2ow]
Just when I thought I’d seen it all from the Taiwanese Animators, they send me this NBA Finals preview that includes Deron Williams in a Hoveround, Kevin Love taking a leak on Durant, LeBron taking a dump on Durant and Curry, Draymond jackhammering Bron’s nuts and hitting Kyrie over the head with a steel chair.
I’m exhausted watching this masterpiece.
From the Taiwanese Animators:

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA — The NBA Finals are back with some totally new faces — the Warriors and the Cavs.
After blowing it in epic fashion last year, the Dubs picked up Kevin Durant and instantly became the team to hate, while the Cavs decided they needed some brand new old guys.
If Cleveland wants to rain on Golden State’s parade again, they’ll need T-Wolves Love to show up. The Cavs also need major production from Kyrie “The World is Flat” Irving. Lebron will be looking to take a dump on the Warriors on both ends of the court.
For the Warriors not to implode, they’ll need Steph to play like the 2016 MVP Curry. “Gimme a Ring” Durant is hungry for a championship and will do anything to get it. The Dubs will need Green to be his usual lovable self if they’re going to have a chance.
The biggest X-factor for the Warriors is JaVale McGee, hopefully the Shaqtin a Fool McGee doesn’t show up. Who’s taking the trophy home this year? The Cavs or the Dubs?

And then the Taiwanese Animators don’t make a prediction.
I’ll go ahead and say it: Bron shocks the world and leads the Cavs over the super team and wins in 7 games.

Shoutout to LaVar Ball For Masterfully Playing Off This Brick
Shoutout to LaVar Ball For Masterfully Playing Off This Brick