BC Insider: I Ran Into Jimmy G At Tootsies This Weekend

Future New England Patriots Super Bowl winning QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, tore up Nashville, according to a BC Insider and a couple IGs that have come out of the Bachelorette Capital of the World. Word from our insider was that Jimmy enjoyed some time at Tootsies, as you’d expect on a Nashville tour.
Our BC Insider reports:

He was standing behind me and I was like hey jimmy can we get a pix and he was like no dude I’m just partying and I was like I was too and he did clink my drink

Why does this all matter? Because Jimmy G is starting to get recognized more and more in public. We’re actually starting to get reports that Jimmy G has a social life and will get a drink from time to time. That’s refreshing because we’re stuck with a bunch of QBs who don’t party and we’re in desperate need of a QB who’ll hit a bar and maybe even a pool party.

Did you see an athlete enjoying life this weekend? Let us know.

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