Our Guy Austin Dillon Had One Helluva Coca-Cola 600 Victory Celebration In His Barn


Thank GOD Austin Dillon won the Coca-Cola 600 last night/early this morning after like a 9 hour rain delay because if Jimmie Johnson doesn’t run out of gas on the last lap, we would’ve been stuck with another boring NASCAR driver winning a race. Now we get some viral content thanks to one of the fun guys on the circuit.

You might’ve caught our Daytona 500 interview with Austin where we found a guy who clearly gets that he has a wide open shot at becoming the good ol boy of NASCAR. We talked about his awesome pool at his barn, which played a part in the 600 celebration.

When’s the last time you saw a NASCAR driver celebrate by laying down some rubber at god knows what hour inside his barn while celebrating a race victory? I’m going with never. When’s the last time you saw a NASCAR driver with a hot fiancee like Whitney Ward and celebrating into the morning after winning a race? Been a long time. Usually these guys can’t risk having any fun because a sponsor might get nervous.

I knew it the minute Paul and I chatted with AD. The guy was about to inject some fun into the sport. This morning it all came together.

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