Possibly Drunk Guy Didn’t Want To Miss Any Dega Action So He Took A Leak Right In The Stands


so yeah, this dude definitely pissed in the stands #ilovedega #dega #talladega

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How classy was it Sunday at Dega? That video says it all. Sometimes you get ripped, don’t want to miss the race, forget where you’re at and the next thing you know you’re taking a leak on that chair and the woman in front of you. Dega, baby!

Said the uploader: “lol that girl didn’t give a flying fudge what any of those guys did lol. she was out of it as well(.)”

And it’s Alabama. Rules get thrown right out the window in certain states. This is one of those states and parts of the country. You just go with it and hope you’re not getting pissed on as Stenhouse is battling to keep the lead as the boys leave the fourth turn and hit that long front stretch to the checkered.

Just another year for Dega.

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