Manny Ramirez Cranked Another Home Run In Japan, Is Hitting .460

Manny Ramirez finished out the first half of his season with the¬†Kochi Island Fighting Dogs today (tonight if you’re over there) by cranking his third home run of the season. 44 years old, still going strong and still haunting pitchers dreams.
With the first half over, it looks like Manny’s contract is up, but he might not be finished in Japan yet.

A translated quote from that Yahoo article says this:

“I would like to thank the team and all of my fans, I was glad I could homerun in front of that. Today’s MVP is Kochi. Kochi was like my home Kochi is the best! I would like to return to America first, I want to go back to the family and relax with my family, if possible I would like to return (to Japan).

So Manny is going to keep being Manny. He’s going to take some time off when he wants and come back when he wants.

I’m sure they’ll want him back seeing as he’s hitting a cool .460

Yes, I understand it’s only 63 at-bats, but still.


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