Marvin Lewis Has a Pretty Fresh Take on the New NFL Celebration Rules


If there’s anyone who cares about setting a proper example for the young kids, it’s Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. Sure. He employs the likes of noted scumbags Adam Jones (told cop to suck his d—k a couple months ago), Vontaze Burfict (dirty AF) and Joe Mixon (you already know), but don’t think for a second he’s A-ok with the NFL allowing players to poison the youths by celebrating touchdowns with snow angels.

Marv on the league’s new pro-celebration stance (via ESPN’s Katherine Terrell):

“I’m not for that at all,” Lewis, who is on the NFL Competition Committee, said of the change. “We had a good standard, and the whole standard has always been, you want to teach people how to play the game the correct way and go about it the correct way, and that’s not a very good example for young people.”

His reasoning for this “old man yells at cloud” viewpoint? It’s a team game!

“The rules were changed for a reason, and I thought we had a good outcome,” he said. “Again, this is a team game, and … I don’t understand why we want to give in to individual celebrations.”

Clearly Marv missed the part about group routines:

Roger Goodell is expected to tell NFL owners group celebrations, using ball as prop after TDs, going to ground, snow angels are now allowed.

— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) May 23, 2017

Or he’s just exhausted after years of Chad Johnson (and TO) losing their minds after scoring six…

But hitting women, headhunting, vandalism, public intoxication, chewing out police officers and a slew of other offenses? That’s coo.

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