Pacman Jones To Cop: "Suck My D–k…Hope You Die Tomorrow"

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It’s probably time for the Bengals to cut Pacman Jones after the arrest video shows Pac telling a Cincinnati cop to “suck my d–k” and adding a nice “hope you die tomorrow” to the verbal barrage. You can also hear what sounds to be Pac spitting a couple of times in the police cruiser.
Just so we’re all clear here, the cop driving is black.
Pac was arrested January 3 at a Cincinnati hotel where he was allegedly pounding on room doors.
From the Enquirer:
Cincinnati police were then called:

While being arrested, court documents say Jones was “head-butting” and “kicking” at officers, trying to avoid being placed in a police vehicle. He was then taken to the county jail.
In the video, Cotton tells Jones, “You didn’t want to cooperate… That’s how we ended up where we are, now.”
Jones seems to indicate that a video will clear him of the charges.
“It’s all on camera,” Jones says at one point.
In one exchange, Jones says: “You don’t like me, do you?” “I don’t even know you,” Cotton responds. “F— you, b—-,” Jones says.

Pac kicked off the year with this message on IG:

2017 they don’t want to see you happy but smile anyway , they don’t want you to win , win anyway !!! 365 days to be the best You , dam what people think !!!! #team24

I assume Mike Brown will do the right thing and cut the guy, but then again, it’s Mike Brown and he never seems to do the thing he should do like kick Pacman to the curb and tell Marvin Lewis to take a hike, too.

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