Best Of SI 2017 Casting Call, Terry Bradshaw’s Bold Vols Claim & Matt Elam’s Mugshot



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The Cavs have work to do tonight in Cleveland at 8:30 on TNT. Expect LeBron to go off for 33, 12 and 9. No way Bron Bron lets the Internet disrespect his legacy like they did after Game 3. NOOOOO WAY. You’ll also get a full day of SEC Tournament baseball. And Penguins-Senators is still rolling along.

Best of SI casting call moments

‘Cash Me Outside’ girl’s tour rider…she doesn’t like pineapple

Terry Bradshaw just called out Alabama fans like I’ve never seen before

Leonard Fournette’s RB brother popped for a fake…at a casino

NFL’s Matt Elam mugshot

Bullets start flying during Memphis TV news report

This Florida Man was allegedly trying to bang a cat in public

Here’s Audrey from the U. of Guelph

Manu Didn’t Just Retire Press Conference Funny of the Week

“Manu, you didn’t just retire in Spanish did you?” 😂

— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) May 23, 2017

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