Devin Brugman vs. Natasha Oakley, Lasorda Health Scare & Thom Brennaman Interviews A Bird

The Warriors get to finish off the Spurs tonight and make time to go on a European cruise until the NBA Finals start. Meanwhile, over on NBCSN, the Predators will have a chance to finish off the Ducks. That one is in Nashville. It should be a circus. You’ll also get the women’s NCAA golf championship at 4 on Golf Channel.

Devin Brugman vs. her BFF Natasha Oakley

Pam Anderson looking rough at Cannes

Lasorda’s health scare

Left hook of the weekend

Thom Brennaman interviewed a bird during Sunday’s Reds game

Cleveland TV legend Carl Monday is at it again

This Florida Woman altered a check for $65 to $10,000…NBD

Here’s Jillian from Colorado

Bron Bron Goes After The Media After A Loss Press Conference Of The Playoffs

LeBron James gets testy with a reporter after Game 3 collapse. “You always come around when we lose, I swear.”

— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) May 22, 2017

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