Bella Hadid Dominates Yacht, Craziest MotoGP Wreck You'll Ever See & Indy 500 Rompers!
Celtics-Cavs, anyone? Yeah, that’s a total joke and it’s on TV tonight at 8:30 on TNT. The Byron Nelson finishes up at 3 on CBS. Jason Day is two back from the lead so Nantz will be gushing for about three hours. You’ll also get Sens-Pens at 3 (odd time choice there) for Game 5. That’s on NBC. There’s also a bunch of soccer and college softball. Should be perfect for a total washout here in Ohio.
Bella Hadid vs. this yacht
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Craziest MotoGP crash/wipeout scenario you’re ever going to see
UGA football has a new DJ booth
Indy 500 rompers!
“If he took a dump on his desk, you’d defend it,” – Anderson Cooper
This Florida Man was arrested & he was wearing a hot pink bra
Here’s McKenna from Nebraska

Spurs Mascot In A Romper Video of the Weekend

Sandwich of the Day

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