Ryan Johansen To Ryan Kesler: "You're A F***ing Loser And Nobody Likes You"

This is about as straight forward trash talk as you’re going to hear. Johansen gets right to the point, tells Kesler exactly how he feels and moves on. No time to dilly dally around in hockey.
This came from back in game 3 of the Ducks-Predators series, before Johansen’s freak leg injury that now has him out for the rest of the playoffs, and it’s been making the rounds on Twitter this afternoon.

Quick hit trash talk. Get in and get out. We need more of this. If hockey really wants to capture the nation, they need to go XFL style and just mic everybody up for all of us to hear. Ratings through the roof.

Also, Kesler may or may not wear rompers

Could be why nobody likes him.

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