The Real Winner Of The Preakness Was This Kid Stumbling Around On The Port-O-Potties

These videos are what the Preakness is all about. This isn’t the uptight, bougie display that the Kentucky Derby puts on. Yes, people dress up a little bit at Pimlico, but really everybody there is on a mission to get as blackout as possible.

The infield is a total shit show, and it created the “Running of the Toilets” tradition. These past few years, that tradition slowly died, but this kid tried to bring it back. So I’m giving props where it’s due. This kid is the winner of the Preakness.

I mean, really?#Preakness

— Brodie Brazil (@BrodieNBCS) May 20, 2017

The effort was there. The execution, well not so much.¬†When you’re crossed-eyed and seeing double from a thousand Black-Eyed Susans, it’s probably hard to balance on those urinals.

Let’s see another great effort

Here’s a refresher of how wild the infield used to be