28 NSFWBDs React To The Male Romper Craze Sweeping Social Media

Well, I didn’t see this coming. Never thought I’d take a few hours off this afternoon to work on the pool, pickup Little & Little Little BC, grab some dinner, go see Tinkerbell at Chick-fil A and then come home to pump out a NSFWBDs reacting to the male romper. This is one of those moments in 2017 that you’ll think back on when it’s December and it’s time to reminisce.
Let’s just say that the BDs are not impressed by what they see. Some don’t think they’re down to wear the romper because of their thick thighs and big asses. Some think it’s a little (let’s be honest here, it’s really fruity) fruity. Others can’t imagine trying to bang their side pieces in a romper.
Then there are some who might jump on the craze because ladies will be intrigued and want to take a romper guy for a test drive. There’s a major dilemma going on here: Do you jump early and scoop up all the poon or wait to see if this really catches on and then get in by like July?
So much for the BDs to think about.


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