Andre Dirrell's Uncle Throws One Of The Craziest Post-Fight Sucker Punches In Boxing History
I get what I deserve for not watching the end of the fights last night on Showtime.
Our friend @linkcalhoun was still watching when Andre Dirrell’s uncle landed one of the craziest sucker punch combinations in the history of boxing and I’m sure there have been some real nasty sucker punches over the years. 
I’ll let Calhoun walk us through the scenario:

• pt1 andre dirrell gets ktfo, ref calls it after the bell, he wins fight face down ass up
• his uncle comes in the ring and throws a sucker punch HEATER
• the dirrells are all pieces of shit, brother, uncle, etc…. uncle takes off, police are looking for him on assault charges
• and this dude got sent to hell, and kept throwing punches in the afterlife

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