James Toney Ends Career With Totally Legit Knockout

Boxing is probably the last thing 48-year-old James Toney should be doing at this stage of his life (see doughy man above), but he did just that on Saturday when he went toe-to-toe with journeyman Mike Sheppard for the vacant WBF heavyweight title.

Of course, no one actually saw or knew this fight was happening because… A) Who follows James Toney on IG? and B) Even if you do, I’m guessing you weren’t rushing to spend $15.99 (!) on two fat dudes.

Nonetheless, the fight did end in dramatic fashion as Toney claimed the title after sending Sheppard to the canvas with a vicious — and 100 percent legit — armpit punch in the sixth round:

Assuming Toney doesn’t fight again, he’ll finish his career a ridiculous 77-10-3 (47KOs).

The real James Toney you know and love:

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