Ohio Man LeBron Fan Gets Drunk At Disney, Charged With Child Neglect, Says Trump's Going To Kill Arresting Officer

A Cleveland TV station has caught up with Brian Olmstead of suburban Cleveland and I’ll be damned if he wasn’t wearing a ‘Witness’ shirt, which turns this into a sports story because now I have a sports angle. I’d hate for the ‘Stick To Sports’ community to attack me. We now have the hook.
Anyway, Brian made headlines this week after a Disney cheerleading trip turned drunken at one of the hotel pool bars and soon Brian was catching heat from fellow customers and resort workers.
First let’s hear from Orlando media:

According to his arrest affidavit, Brian Keith Olmstead, 35, of Brunswick, Ohio, was using his child’s stroller to plow through crowds at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort on Sunday. They said he was using racial slurs as he pushed the stroller through.
Disney resort managers said they received at least 11 complaints about Olmstead over the course of four hours. Olmstead’s wife told Orange County sheriff’s investigators they started the day at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports for a cheerleading competition. She said he left with their young son at around 3:30 p.m., and he returned to the resort. There, witnesses told deputies Olmstead sat at the poolside bar with his child in the stroller next to him and drank himself into “a state of intoxication.”

A deputy said Olmstead called him names repeatedly on his way to jail, and he told the deputy Donald Trump was going to kill him.

Now let’s hear the Olmstead side of things:

The family returned home to Ohio Wednesday afternoon. “It’s unfortunate and he’s going to get the help that he truly needs to get,” said Destiny Olmstead, Brian’s wife. “But you know, he’s a great father.” The couple was also quick to show their 7-month-old son, Blake, who has eczema, they say, and not severe burns.
Brian Olmstead believes the police reports got much of the truth wrong. He said he only had three drinks at the bar, was never cut off, and became mad after a couple called him an “unfit father.”

Busted Coverage conclusion: Some mom got mad that Brian was slamming drinks with the stroller next to him. The baby clearly didn’t get severely sunburned or the baby would now have welts from the sunburn. Do I think Brian told a cop that Donald Trump was going to kill him? I do. It’s 2017 and if you’re on the Trump train, you bring up that sick burn in times like this.
Do I think Brian is your typical d-bag suburban Cleveland guy? Yes.
Do I believe that Brian’s a horrible father? Probably only when he’s drinking.


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