Savage Old Timer Hits Tigers Season Tickets Lottery, Takes $10k Payout, Wants His Kids To Go Fight Club Over The Cash

I like this Stanley Jastrzembski guy, a 94-year-old World War II badass who hit the Michigan Lottery back in April for Tigers season tickets. Stanley, as you can see is a Tigers fan, said “Nah, I’m good. Give me that cash.” And then he made the savage of savage decisions to put the money in the bank and make his kids go fight club over it when he dies.
I about fainted. Stanley straight up DGAF about that money. He wants to see how bad his kids want that cash. You know he’s set. Give him a TV, make sure he can get the Tigers games and he’s good. Total badass.
From WTOL:

What started as a simple birthday wish, turned a dream into reality for 94-year-old Stanley Jastrzembski. “I’ll put the money in the bank and let the kids fight over it when I die,” Jastrzembski said. He was given a winning raffle ticket from his son for his 94th birthday back in April.
“I feel like a millionaire. I’m not a millionaire but I feel good about the whole thing,” Jastrzembski said. The ticket was good for two box seat season tickets for the Detroit Tigers 2018 season. But because of his age, Stanley took the cash payment of about $10,000.

We’re talking about a guy who fought the Japs on some faraway islands back in the day.

He and several friends from the Muskegon area had joined the Army after the Great Depression – the economy was a factor in their decisions to join. They were called up to serve after Pearl Harbor, and ended up fighting together in the 32nd Infantry, also known as the “Red Arrow” division, fighting entrenched Japanese troops on the mountainous South Pacific island of New Guinea.

Of course the government will now take a big chunk of Stanley’s money before the kids battle it out. Go figure. You’d think they’d come up with some sort of clause where you get to keep all of it if you’re 94, had bullets flying past your head and survived.
Here’s to you Stanley, a REAL American hero!

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