Reds Fan Gets Drunk At Single-A Fort Wayne TinCaps Game, Does Some Dirty Dancing For The Ladies


Guy gets lit at a Fort Wayne Single-A baseball game, gets on a dugout, makes a couple of sexual gestures, eventually gets off the dugout, makes his way over to a couple of ladies sitting in the front row, starts to make his move, some lady goes OFF saying he’s sexually assaulting the ladies and then security finally makes its way down to take Reds fan for an early exit.

Did I miss anything?

From the uploader:

The drunk Reds fan tries to grind on some complete stranger and gets thrown out. A women from behind us yells it was sexual assault. Watch as a dumb Reds fan makes a fool of himself!

This was uploaded May 12. The TinCaps just happened to have a Thirsty Thursday promotion on May 11 where beers were $1. We’re still efforting to find out if this all went down on $1 beer night, which would make total sense.

CONFIRMED: It was dollar beer night:

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