Florida Man Little League Dad Hits Florida Man Phillies Coach With Baseball Bat For Managerial Decision

We have Little League drama in Florida and it’s only mid-May. And by drama, I mean a Florida Man dad hit the Phillies manager in the ear for a managerial decision that escalated to the Florida Man Phillies manager having his ear split open. Before you say it, yes, Phillies fans ARE NOT the worst. I know, I know.
From the Palm Beach Post:

Our news partners at WPTV NewsChannel 5 report that Yoandy Padilla-Hernandez struck Little League coach Chad Dellaripa after an exchange between Dellaripa and his son on May 6.

Padilla-Hernandez’s son didn’t follow orders when his coach asked him to place his equipment bag in the dugout while the team went to get food, leading Dellaripa to reprimand the child, according to WPTV.

Afterward, the child cried and went to his father, which led to the baseball bat attack in front of Dellaripa’s 5-year-old daughter and other players.

Look, do I get the feeling that Dellaripa might be over-managing kids when he reprimands a kid for taking an equipment bag to get food? Yes. Was it worth a baseball bat upside the head? Probably not.
This is probably a good time to address an issue I have with Little League. Why are we using MLB teams in Little League? What happened to going out and getting sponsors like Tim’s Oil Lube & Service Center. I remember being sponsored by funeral homes, pretzel companies, construction operations. I miss those days. You get the jersey and it’s H&K Tool & Die and you have zero idea who that is, but you want to play your heart out for that sponsor. You think the Phillies give two shiits about what’s going on with some team in Tampa?
Let’s Make Little League Great Again. It’s time for some local breakfast joints to step up and drop $500 on jerseys. Community service, people.
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