Shocker: South Atlantic League Generating More Cash Because of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow may be a 29-year-old former football player slashing .236/.319/.349 in Class A, but you can’t deny the man is doing what he was signed to do: put more butts in seats. All the haters from Tebow’s college football days have officially converted and want to see the man swing the lumber, and no one is benefiting more than teams from the South Atlantic League.

The report from Baseball America:

But to better understand the Tebow effect on attendance, we looked at Columbia’s road games. When Columbia hit the road in the first month of the season, they played in front of an average of 4,607 fans. When those same teams hosted non-Tebow teams, they averaged 2,399 fans.

Based on the April attendance data, the Tebow effect appears to be roughly 2,210 fans per night. Minor league teams estimate that the average fan will spend $20 per person if they come to the ballpark. That counts ticket sales, concessions and souvenirs. So Tebow is worth roughly an additional $44,200 per night.

Sadly for the SAL, Tebow’s stay with the Columbia Fireflies might be short lived as the NY Post reported last week that a promotion to Double-A is possible after the All-Star Break.

The peeps need their autographs and photos:

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